Appendix II

Points to Remember
When Studying the Bible

(With Examples)


1.Remember to rely on what the Bible says; it won't deceive you (for example, see time stated in three ways and twenty-four elders).
2.Remember to take the language in its normal sense; figurative expressions still convey a normal meaning that people understand in ordinary everyday language (see grapes and winepress).
3.Remember to study the key words in a concordance or other reference book (see last trumpet and fig tree).
4.Remember the context; search out the progression of thought in the context to see how every part fits in (see day of the Lord in 1 Thessalonians 5).
5.Remember the purpose and theme of the book; search out the author's reason for writing to see how each section fits in. Making an outline will help here, as well as for the context (see one taken one left in Luke 17 and ).
6.Remember to check parallel passages and related passages (see the harvest in Revelation 14 and Joel 3 and the gathering in Matthew 24:31, Isaiah 11:12, and Isaiah 27:12-13).
7.Remember the historical situation; put yourself into the shoes of the original readers (see the Thessalonians and persecution).
8.Remember that God reveals truths one step at a time, planting the seeds in Genesis, displaying the full flower in Revelation (see timing not revealed in Thessalonians and timing is revealed in Revelation).
9.Remember that the simplest most obvious interpretation is usually the correct one (see the falling away in 2 Thessalonians 2 and keep from the hour in Revelation 3:10).
10.Remember that prophecy often has double reference; when things don't fit otherwise, look for the double reference (see the coming of Christ in the Old Testament and the coming of Christ in Matthew 24).
11.Remember to admit your ignorance; some things we just don't understand (see 75 days between tribulation and millennium and how Christ tramples the winepress).
12.Remember to pray for understanding, to know all that God wants you to know (see the dilemma of the known and unknown day).