Gray-Haired Perspective

Church Project Suggestion


If the twenty-four elders in Revelation represent our future role when we get to heaven, then I'm interested to learn more about it, aren't you? Consider a church learning project. It will help to edify individual believers and unify your local church.

1. Let each member memorize:

      Revelation 4:9–11
      Revelation 5:8–10
      Revelation 11:16–18
      Revelation 19:4

2. Let the pastor preach a series of sermons on the above four passages. Suggested titles are:

      Glorify the Lord as Creator
      Sing to the Lamb as Redeemer
      Give thanks to the Almighty as Ruler
      Praise God as the Righteous Judge

3. Let four members write four songs, each song based on one of the passages. Alternatively, find four old hymns that fit.